Workflow state problem

I have a problem in the workflow.
I created several states in draft and each states has a different roles.
But, when i created a draft in material request. The system will only show in the material request list the 1st state that i declared in the workflow no matter who created it.
As you can see, I assigned several roles for different states.

Anyone has a solution to this? or Anyone has similar problem with mine?

please help me!

Can you share your transition rules screen aswell to further clarify the workflow rule

here it is

Your approval process is not working? Actually i didn’t properly understand your question

No, it is not about the approval process. It is about who was the one that
created the draft or the request or the state.
The state that always appear in the material list is the state that was 1st
declared on my workflow state even though the one who created the request
was not or it is not the 1st state that i declared.