Workflow State Trail - How to track?

Hi everyone,

I have created a workflow for Purchase Order and it is working fine. Although I can see the current status of the PO but I could not trace the time and date of every approval stage. This is needed for monitoring the TAT as well as to monitor the performance of every staff in that particular workflow.

Check “Workflow Action” (navigate via search bar)

Hi @rmehta, thank you for taking the time to reply despite the fact that you are a very busy man.

I have visited the “Workflow Action” but I could not trace the TAT.

Perhaps I did not clearly state my enquiry. Let me explain:

I created a workflow for Purchase Order that a Purchase User will first need to get approval from Purchase Manager and then approval from Accounts Manager.

To trace the TAT, is it possible to track the “stamped” date & time of a particular PO when it reaches the Purchase Manager (to measure the time it takes for Purchase Manager to make his/her decision) and then finally track the date & time when it reaches Accounts Manager?

ok my guess is TAT refers to ‘turn around time’ explained here

and suggested here Sales Person Activities Tracking

@clarkej Yes, this is the definition of TAT. In my previous company (banking industry), TAT is a very useful tool to monitor the progress of every workflow such as loan submissions, accounts opening, etc. This is a very crucial metric reflected in staff’s KPI. So I was wondering if ERPNext has this feature; after all ERP is about improving effectiveness and efficiency.

This is another topic that I raised but it is slightly different from this topic because TAT is about stamping the time and date in every stage (more like a log).

Example Workflow:

Workflow TAT Example:

Oh, I also left out one point, other than just merely stamping the time and date, usually it would also allow us to set the expected time frame for each stage. For example:

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A call centre or support ticket system could use this level of tracking or logging.

ERPNext implementations of those likely exist but you would need to search.

Ya, I agree but it is not limited to call centre and support ticket system only; I would say most of the service-based businesses would benefit from it too because it measures the efficiency of the workforce (which in most cases, the biggest portion of their expenses). I will try to search for it and if I am able to find it, I will post it here… meanwhile if anyone is able to find it, please post it here.