Sales Person Activities Tracking

Hi everyone, I am creating this topic to request a feature for tracking Sales Person’s day-to-day activities. This was previously mentioned in the forum (link)

Referring to the comments in the link, I do agree to a certain point that companies hired sales people for results and not to manage their activities. I am very sure that no managers would like to micro-manage their sales people.

But on the other side of the coin, in the event of the sales people that are truly underperforming, this tracking feature can be a turning point as it may help companies to “instill” discipline and good habits among sales people. Because I believe 9/10 sales people underperformed due to lack of self-discipline. Not sure about other countries but sales people here in my country often have the habit of having 1-to-2-hours-long breakfast after “check-in”, followed by 1-to-2-hours-long lunch break and lastly tea time at the “favourite spot” with other sales people. By tracking their activities and pushing them beyond their comfort zone, companies will have the opportunity to help their sales people to develop a good habit; because no companies would like to “ship” the sales people away after months of investment into them.