Workflow State Transition Email Notification Question

I am using the latest v13 of the ERPNext, and I am still trying to understand the workflow module of the application. I have managed to get the states and transitions working, but somehow the approvers are not getting any emails on documents that require their approval.
In the Workflow doc, I have checked the flag:
Send Email Alert

And in each Workflow State, I have defined the Email Template.

But somehow no emails are received on the users that are listed in the role of the next transition.
My question is, do I go thru the Notifications module to perform the email notification configuration.

So, what is the function of the “Send Email Alert” and also the Email Templates within the Workflow State? Thanks.


Yes, you can use Email Templates (Notification): your_site/app/notification

Send Alert On: Value Change
Value Changed: field with workflow state (for example: workflow_state)
Document Type: your doctype for workflow action, for example Task
Condition example: doc.workflow_state==“StateOne” and doc.megaproperty==“Yes”
Condition can be empty
Recipients: fields with email and message

and text message

Thanks. I found out that the workflow did send the email to all recipients of the role. So, basically, there are 2 ways to perform the email notification:
(1) Via the built-in workflow
(2) Via notification.

Can you plse help me with this?