Workflow Student Application: How to create new Guardians? (Error: Not permitted)


we try to migrate our current workflow of student applications to ERPNext. Right now we have a Google form where we gather all the details we need from student details to guardians.

In ERPNext there is the student applicant doc. The web form for it is not public and requires a login, but we like to have it public. So we duplicated it and adjusted it to our needs. Student data is no problem, but we don’t know how to handle the guardians.

In the form you can’t add a guardian, because as a normal website user you don’t have access to the guardians records (that’s how it should be), but the downside is, that you can’t us the guardian child table to enter the guardian details.

So how to solve this?

  • Is it possible to redirect from one web form to another (e.g. first fill out the student details and then forward to a guardian web form)?
  • If yes, is it possible to hand over some data from one web form to another, so that the guardians are connected to the right student applicant?
  • Any other ideas?

One way would be to just add more field for the guardians to the student applicant doc and create the guardian later manually, but I want to avoid that.

Thank you!