Workflow to Approve Purchase Receipts Items Before Use?


I’m looking for suggestions on adding an approval step for Purchase Receipts.

Currently on arrival materials are individually assigned a batch number (grouped by item code), checked against a PO (part deliveries are common), some materials undergo a Quality Inspection and others do not.

Once checked by a separate user, where some details of individual items may require amendment or materials are released immediately to appropriate departments.

I hope to use ERPNext to speed this process up.

I really like how items can be grouped in a Purchase Receipt and all assigned Batch numbers and record Quality Inspections in one place!

However…is there a way of Approving/Rejecting individual items on a Purchase Receipt after permanent submission?

I know the whole PR can be rejected and amended but that then makes it more difficult if only one item out of 50 requires correction, and leads to all items being assigned a new batch number. I had tried creating a Workflow, where the Permanent Submission step was the Approval but this didn’t work because no Batch numbers were created until “Approved” by the second user.

Could another option be to release the items to a “holding” warehouse, where Purchase Receipt items go once submitted. Where items can be held for amendment or transferred to their required warehouse once “Approved”? The problem I’m seeing with this option is how to make a list of materials easily available, instead of having to assign items individually.

Any thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated.