Workflow Unknown column

Hi, I have an issue (or not), when I`ll create a workflow on production order, I have this error. If someone already had similar issue.

OperationalError: (1054, “Unknown column ‘workflow_state’ in ‘where clause’”)
This happen on the last label “Workflow State Field”.

Note this just happen when I try to create workflow on production order if I create a workflow in another doctype it works.
Thanks for any help

Hi @Thiago_Henry! Can you screenshot your work flow setup? Perhaps you have missed a workflow_state in your Transition Rules section. Or the Workflow_State you are using is not created yet that is why it is note identified. Hope this helps!

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Thanks @creamdory it’s work thank you for help. But I still cannot put a new workflow on production order for example if I finish a production order the status will go to “Completed” and was “In Progress” but when I click on the button to finish I want to a new status for example “Waiting for inspection” and after the action the status will change to “Completed” I don’t think that I can change this scenario because workflow waiting for a docstatus. If anyone have a tip.
Thanks for any help.

Hi @Thiago_Henry ! Can you show us what have you got so far for your workflow? Thanks!

@creamdory I got Thank you for help.

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