WORKING - Fingerprint enabled Time and Attendance application for ERPNext

We have just finished our fingerprint application for erpnext!

Using c# and a couple of APIs we have been able to successfully build a desktop application that can be used to mark attendance and update salaries using “leave without pay” leave type.

The following features have been implemented;

  1. Enroll single or bulk employees
  2. Mark attendance using fingerprint minutiae
  3. Added unique fingerprint ID
  4. Update salary functions using attendance entered for the month

Due to the small dev team, the software will need modification for large scale usage; things such as a settings page, local data store for app process passwords; because some operations like resetting will require privileged access.

We will like comments and any interest in this.



like it very much…

what Hardware is recommended?

We used futronic’s fs80h; standard fingerprint reader; not full TA hardware; so it’s really affordable.

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That looks pretty amazing.

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@noetico Awesome!

Are you open sourcing this? Would be even more awesome!


Hello @rmehta;

Thanks! Yes! I’m really looking at that; it would be great; any guidelines on how it works; opensourcing?

That will help improve the system tremendously.

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Thanks! As @rmehta said; this will go opensource so even more experienced programmers can get their hands dirty making it a great software.

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Adding USB device and sensor integration into frappe has so much scope. Things like Weighing Scales, RFID Input and QR Codes alone would be crazy. What platforms does your app run on?

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It is really good job

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It’s a windows based application; built using c#. Maybe someone may be able to use the techniques to do it on other platforms like Linux and android.

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Awesome. When and how can I lay my hands on it?



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Nice one. Great !

I have ordered out the futronic’s fs80h in anticipation of kicking the tyres on this. The only thing I can say is that the reality in India at least is that it would be difficult to keep a computer right at the gate. For various reasons. Can you please recommend a standalone, Biometric device with a LAN (or WiFi) connectivity that can interface with a desktop running the management software that is kept in the office area.



Maybe just try attaching the device to a 5m USB cable and see if you still get a reliable signal. Make sure the USB port on the computer is one attached directly to the motherboard and not sharing its power with anything else. I have managed to get a few devices to run perfectly on a 10m USB2 cable by powering the sensor/device locally and not via the USB cable. Stick the scanner on a desk and run the cable into a office P.C. Its worth a try.

here is one way that would work pretty well in this ERPNext context

  • get an account on
  • put your code into a new repository
  • make that repository ‘public’
  • create/add a license and chose GPLv3 as a template
  • notify us here in this thread by just posting the repositories URL

done !

regarding hardware … I have seen (and often posted here) a solution someone made for Odoo

they use an arduino board, a touchscreen and a single fingerprint scanner.
I think the whole thing connect by wifi to the local network

How can I get the software? How?

Hello @JayRam

We’ll be ready to put it out by Jan/Feb; we will implement for our first client and have a working proof (although we have tested); and then we’ll roll put it on git.

We are really looking forward to having this on the public domain; tied to the best erp system!

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I am happy to test if out for you. All risks are mine. Please. Pretty please!!