Working with Field Widths in Customize

When I add a column break in customise ‘customers’, sometimes it appears at it’s full width and other times it appears at different widths? What is the default field widths and how do I specify it’s length? I’ve tried using the option that allows you to enter a value, but I’m not sure what to enter and I’m having trouble finding any relation to it online. If anyone could help, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

I’d like the ‘ID’ fields to appear just like the ‘contact details’ below it. At half the width of the container. The only thing that seems to work is to delete all the fields in that section and try again.

It is pretty simple actually. Use Section Break to have different sections horizontally and add Column Break for vertical sections. In your case, it looks like there is extra Column Break somewhere in GOVERNMENT ID section.

You’re right. It is simple. I’ve tried removing the space but it cannot be deleted because it’s a standard field. I’m not sure how it got there but it’s causing all sorts of issues with my layout. How could I remove this or move it?

Can you share the screenshot of your doctype fields.

I wasn’t able to remove it so I just incorporated it into my form. I love ERPNext but I wish there was an easier way to customise forms. I understand it’s easy once you understand it’s structure. But I would have loved if the customise UI was a bit friendlier. I understand this is an open-source project, and I’m very appreciative of all the hard work that’s been put into it. But y’kno… just saying. Thanks!

Remove additional column break. You have used 2 column breaks in Government ID" section.