Workload architechture of ERPNext

I want to setup my own SME server and I would like to know how ERPNExt works in terms of workload. Will Hyper-threaded and multiple core processor (e.g Xeon) be of any benefit to the performance of the the server or should I go with some dual core and save money

@vjFaLk Kindly comment on this

@anand would actually be the best person to answer this, however, let me try my best:

We scale our WSGI and RQ workers according to the number of processors and cores available. You will probably see improved performance with more cores. However, performance depends on other factors too.

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@vjFaLk Thank you so much. I have always found you active and helpful here on this community. Would appreciate a reply from @anand as well.

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@Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi the no. of cores == no. of simultaneous requests that will be processed. So the more cores you have the better. Also, to improve performance, go for a high memory server and increase the innodb_buffer_pool_size to half that of the memory.

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@anand Thanks. And what OS do you recommend from its supported OS. Will it work on the Command line based ubuntu server 14.04 or I must use a GUI OS

in my opinion ubuntu is the best OS for erpnext

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Command line based OS - go for the latest CentOS or Ubuntu 15.04