Workorder and Jobcard

Workorder and transfer material wrt Jobcard
My situation is
I have created a WorkOrder for Part A for 50 nos
Part A has 2 Operations
Setup 1
Setup 2
I transfer material against Job Card
I enter the details In the job card
I complete setup 1 Jobcard and submit
In setup2 rejected qty is 5 nos
How do i account for them
There is no provision for rejected qty in quality inspection
How do i handle this situation
Note : this is for inhouse manufacturing
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Thanks Sendilkumar for the reply
The issue is
Quality department should have full control over the quantity that is accepted and rejected
material transfer to a rejected warehouse is more of a clerical job than technical
the Quality Inspector is accountable for the material to be inspected as per parameters and define the accepted, rejected, rework quantity before it goes to the stores
Based on this inspection only the vendor payments are made (in case of subcontracted Item)
this is the existing system in most of the manufacturing companies.
The present procedure of transferring all material to stores and then moving rejected material to a different store by means of material transfer can lead to additional paper work, is not fool proof and can lead to chaos
Additional paper work : A manual note sheet has to be generated along with Inspection report to aid stores in transferring rejected quantity to a different store
is not fool proof : Any manual intervention can lead to error, manual notes can go missing or a wrongly entered part number / bom can lead to serious issues of traceability and may require additional working time to set things right
Chaos : Imagine in a production line where continuous production happens, here the quality inspection is liveā€¦ in such cases there is no scope for rework quantity being taken in to account
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