Workspace error

I have just updated the system from V13 to V15 and everything is working flawlessly with one minor exception. The user’s customized workspace isnt loading properly, meaning they get an error stating that the workspace does not exist. The error keeps appearing when clicking on the get started icon. It is not appearing when the user is system manager. I have checked the workspace list and for the users in question there are indeed custom workspaces with their shortcuts and stuff.

Any ideas?

I simply duplicated the workspace in question and saved it using the name that the system was trying to find. I then proceeded to hide the preset workspace. No error and all the shortcuts perfectly worked.

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Did you manage to do it with Python ?
I need to setup private Workspace for a user and I have the bug as you had.
Did you manage to duplicate and hide preset workspace automatically ?

No, the user had to set it manually.