Workspace is different in Version 14

I am traying to follow the frapped school video on frappe development. In the video Version 13 is being used, while I am on Version 14. All went fine until I reached the Workspaces section. I am unable to follow the video because there is significant difference (it seems) between 13 and 14.

In version 13, at the top of the workspace list, there is a “Add Workspace”
In Version 14, that button is not there.
And when I use the Create Workspace button on the Build page on Version 14, I get a pop up panel that is very different from what is shown on the video for version 13.

How can I learn Version 14’s workspace? Any useful page or video? Thank you.
PS. I am attaching images on how things look like in the video using version 13 vs what I see in version 14.

Hi @almuallim,

Please check the post.

Thank You!

Thank you!