Workspace link background color

how can i change the background color of workspace link like in this exemple I want change color of link Aliments

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  • You can use “Custom HTML Block” in the workspace to build what you want using HTML & CSS.
  • Or by adding custom CSS.

for example:
Edit the “Stander Print Style” to be like this.

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how can you style it?

by Custom HTML Block

in javascript section :
var cardLinks = document.querySelectorAll(‘.link-item’);
// Loop through each card link element
cardLinks.forEach(function(cardLink) {
// Access elements within the card link
let titleElement = cardLink.querySelector(‘.link-content’); // Example: card title element
if(titleElement) { = “#D0FFBC”;}});

thank you so much, now i would like to link a custom html block to open a new customer doctype