Workstation Capacity & Dispatch Schedule Features


I own a Furniture Company. Here is my typical requirement/usecase

Client Places an Order for 100 Sofas on say 25th of April and wants the complete delivery within 27th of May.

Client Shares Desired Dispatch Schedule
25 Sofas on May 6
25 on May 12
25 on May 18
25 on May 24.

My per Day capacity is 10 Sofas.

My Production Line gets only free by March 4. I can only start this order from May 5

This is how I want the system to work -

  1. I should be able to set the daily capacity/weekly capacity etc
  2. I should be able to input desired dispatch schedule.

The system should warm me

  1. If any of the dispatches cannot be made because of reasons like - required quantity of products not ready, chosen day is a holiday etc.
  2. Should let me easily reschedule to a date where all the dispatches can be made.

Is there a way to get this done ?

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Hi @sgr303, I am looking for a similar feature. were you able to get a solution for your problem?