WorkStation Doc Shop Floor Entry

Looking at using the Plant Floor feature in ERPNext v15, and it seems to hit all the right features, but we are getting an error.

When a WO is released to the Shop and the Job Card Is Created, the Workstation Screen looks like the this.

Then you Hit the Start button and add the employee.

Click start Job and there you go, Job Card Started

Now to complete the Job Card, you click Complete, and enter the Complete Values, etc,

On submit this is where the error appears.

Is there a way to add a Reload on the form to prevent this from happening.
I can do it manually but it’s not very practical for our Shop Floor Employees to be doing that.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hello @jroyDC ,

Maybe this is the bug you can raise on the ERPNext GitHub issues.

Hi @jroyDC,

Thank you for letting us know about this problem.

Pull Request is merged, so the upcoming update of v15 will solve your issue.