Workstation Hours Issue


I created a Bom with qty to manufacture 50pcs, 1 operation with 1 workstation with 8 hrs a day

Then I created a production order with qty 150pcs…I expect the system to automatically create the schedule into 3 days operation. The production order cannot be submitted, it said “Operation AA longer than any available working hours in workstation Assembling, break down the operation into multiple operations”

I know we can allow overtime in manufacturing settings…but it’s not overtime in my case.

How to handle such case? Note. We cannot breakdown the operation in production order directly so we have to amend BOM to split the operation? Or what is the right logic for such case?

I’m using v7.1-beta


@rohit can you please help?

@rohit_w can you please help?

Hi @jof2jc,

For a while make production order with one quantity and make issue on github.


Made an issue on Github.