Workstation production capacity for Injection Molding Machine

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The production capacity for a workstation is defined as ‘the total number of jobs which can be executed at the same time in the respective workstation.’ Are these correct production capacities for the following Injection Molding Machines?

  1. Workstation A produces 6 spoons with every single press of 15 seconds from the mold (of circular shape). Then the loosely connected spoons are separated manually. Therefore, production capacity for A is 6.

  2. Workstation B produces 1 cup with every single press of 10 seconds from the mold. Hence, production capacity for B is 1.

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No workstation capacity is defined by how many products which can be produced at a time. If you are manufacturing one item at a time then capacity is 1. In your case if same mold is used to make two items then capacity will be 2.

You can define in BOM how much quantity is produced per hour/minute/day.

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The time provided above was for reference purpose only and we calculate in BOM with time/output/materials/other cost like you mentioned.

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