Workstation - Programs


Some workstation has more than working program, the problem is, when performing program#1 it require 1 operator, hence, the wages cost is X, while when preforming program#2, 3 operators are required, so the wages here is different, and it should be 3X. accordingly, the hour rate should be affected by the number of the operators (or by the used program).

your support is highly appreciated.

you can create multiple workstations with same name and abbreviation. depending on different costing values.

Thanks for your reply.

actually, the proposed solution might help in cost management, however, another issue with machine allocation (capacity planning) will raise up.

I mean, if we have one physical workstation with 2 names: WS.Program1 and WS.Program2; allocating the workstation to perform program1 will not affect the availability of the WS for making program2; my point is we need the machine to do one program at a time.

please correct me if I’m wrong.