Would like record-name also in drop-down


I have added a Feature Request #29496, but I do understand that Bugs will be attended
first so I thought, even though this will be my first customization … lets see if I can come
up with something …

ERPNext: v12.28.0 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.25.0 (version-12)

Goal :
In Education, more spicifically, creating an Assessment Plan, it would be nice to be
able to load a set of Criteria that has been defined before hand and that can be
called up for other assessment plans without having to type in the assessment
criteria one by one for each assessment plan.

So here’s my thought … ( please correct me if you think I am off the tracks …)

Create a new doctype called "Criteria Set " that is available on the desk …

then I can create a Criteria Set …

Then I can add another field in Assessment Plan doctype that is a drop down linked to
Criteria Set …

But when I select the drop-down box, it only shows the created Criteria Set document
series number. Not the name…

Here is my Criteria Set doctype …

And here is my Criteria Set Items doctype…

Here is an example elsewhere, where the series and the name is visible…

So my question is : how do I get the name together with the naming-series
in the drop-dwon for the Criteris Set ?

Hello @johnlongland

Good to see you’re making steady progress in general.

I can’t remember how to do that in v12, but it’s trivial in v13.

1 On the customisation page of the DocType you’d like to select from, there’s a View Settings section.
2 Within the Search Field box add as many fields from the DocType you’d like to search on, each separated by a comma.
3 Save the customisations

Then when you click on the Select, you’ll notice all of those fields are present below the DocType ID (aka Name).
You can now search on any of those fields.

Herewith a screenshot of how I use it.



Thank you for taking the time @EugeneP

Bingo ! Working

Thank you for the kind word. I do feel that I am progrssing but I am still crawling compared
to the rest of you that are “running” … !!! :slightly_smiling_face:

I did a rather nice customization on the “Stock Reconciliation” where the barcode scanner
works on the parent page. But I am stuck at a 90%-complete point. I must still post that
to the group to see if I can get that last bit right. Perhaps someone else can use it. Not sure
if my code is of a pull-request standard, but maybe one of you experienced guys can
look at it and get it to that standard. so yes, I think there is some progress …thanks.