Would like to change default theme


I was reviewing some ERPNext videos and came across this one that has a very nice looking theme that is quite different than the defualt. ERPNext Overview - Online, Open Source ERP - YouTube

At 0:43 seconds it is visible.

Is it possible to purchase this theme?

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@SteveM That is from old version of ERPNext. Even if you find a theme that looks like that i believe it will break updates. Trust me the layout is erpnext is very will thought out and works well on any device. It will grow on you and after all odoo seam to be trying to copy erpnext with a desk type page. Sorry if thats not want you wanted to hear.

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@SteveM Unfortunately, ERPNext does not have custom theming support out-of-the-box as of now.

But after journey of more than 6+ years, ERPNext / Frappe have evolved so much so that it (ERP)Next does not scare/annoy its users because of its simplest UI/UX.

Note: I used to be OpenERP (AKA Odoo) evangelist few years ago, but since year 2013 I’m in love with ERPNext and Frappe framework :slight_smile:

The color is too dull, sometime hard to see with some lcd with lower saturated or not so good condition color display screen. the section break, high light of changes in form customisation for example, is very very hard to see in some screen( the light yellow color).

the yellow color would simply looks like white if i tilt the monitor just a little

would appreciate if can just tune it a bit for more obvious contrast color


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Wonderful system to design, prototype, and build in, but I just got another complaint from a client that it doesn’t look and feel modern, like other IOS and Android Apps. Looks best on a Tablet, but you are right, the contrast doesn’t allow the eye to quickly discern sections.
Be nice if we could arrange and display data in modern web formats, Responsive for example. Maybe something to Crowdfund?

I agree on this,
The yellow, grey and blue shades are hardly to see on many laptops.
if we only could change the default colors of the website (frontend and backend), we could solve this ourselves.
Any plans to implement this?

I agree on this for users who do not have high quality screens.