Would like to receive all comment notifications on documents I'm assigned to

Hello community. Would like to start a real quick conversation about Notifications.

How can I auto receive notifications in the system of new comments made by others on documents I’m assigned to?

For example, assuming I’m assigned to work on an opportunity by my supervisor, I’d like to be aware of all the comments my supervisor is making on that opportunity. I only get notified when my supervisor only mentions me in the comment.

Maybe when a team of 5 are assigned to an opportunity and supervisor gives instructions using the comment feature of ERPNext, and we would all like to be notified. And he really does not want to mention all of us.

Am I missing a simple step or a setting in the system or you really have to @ mention…? I’ve added “Comment”, “Post Comment”, and “Opportunity” etc to the new Notification systems Subscribed Documents area but my wish isn’t fulfilled :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, any help is appreciated.

Hi, go to ‘Notification’ and create a new one Doctype ‘Comment’ to send you an email when new comment adds.
you can also set conditions to choose for example specific Doctype.

Surprisingly, in my organisation, no one will be notified even if the name is mentioned with @
Anyway has any idea how to get this working?

Yes. I wish that everyone in the team will be notified on progress. That’s the reason why they are being assigned to the task.