Write off account not visible


My settings is set up to have 3 decimal places on floating point and currency transactions.

When it comes to payment however, the actual invoice from the supplier, has rounded it to 2
decimal places. So my supplier-invoice matches my payment e.g. R494.98 … but
my ERPNext invoice is 494.977. But nw ERPNext won’t accept a payment of 494.98 against an
invoice of 494.977 … overpayment.

Thats fine … I can use the “Write-off” account … but it is not visible on the Write-off section of
the invoice … screen-shot below

I have made the “Write-off” account in the COA as “CHargeble”.

Can someone kindly assist me please ?


My apologies…
It is visible …
It just wasn’t visible by simply clicking the dropdown, but when I entered “5218” ( which is
the account number for Write-off, it did appear.

Sorry about this. My bad.