Wrong calculation of tax

Hi, I have the following problem: My Tax calculation adds 0.01€ and I have no clue why.

Please refer to the attached picture:

My net_sum = 4600.00€
Tax in Germany = 19%
With my calculator I get 874.00€ Tax

but ERPNext calculates 874.01€.

Any suggestions or opening a bug?

ERPNext: v8.0.27 (master)
Frappe Framework: v8.0.44 (master)

Can reproduce here:

Sorry for the issue. Can you please upgrade your ERPNExt account to v8.0.33 and then check if this issue is prevailing?

Hi @umair,
thank you for your answer. It is still the same with V8.0.33. There are a number of Bugs already reported to this topic:

I think, for now this topic can be closed and will be handled by the corresponding issues.

Best regards

this is a “bad” bug. We could live with this without notice for long time.
It will be good if were created tests that helps detect this kind of errors.
Don’t get me wrong but I think calculation errors are the worst in an ERP.

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