Wrong Currency Symbol Account Receivable Report

Wrong Currency Symbol in

Account Receivable Report, how to correct this? Thank you

What is your default currency?

AED, customer is invoiced in USD

If it is a report, then the behaviour is correct AFAIK.
Because it makes sense, to see total in your own base currency by converting it to appropriate equivalent figure.

Problem is the Total are not converted

Are you sure, your scheduler is enabled and working without any errors?

Note: Whenever you post messages, here or anywhere in the world for help, be kind enough to include all technical details, including versions you are using, apps installed etc. so that someone may try helping you without back and fourth messaging to gather information from you…

Thank you ,Not getting error message of scheduler, so i assume its fine, and i am not positive it has anything to do with scheduler.
Installed Apps
ERPNext: v6.27.22
Frappe Framework: v6.27.21