Wrong currency when creating drop ship purchase order

I found a problem when creating drop ship PO’s for a supplier with a currency that differs from the customer’s currency on the sales order.

In this case, the customer’s currency is USD, the supplier’s currency is EUR. After creating the PO from the SO and choosing “Against Default Supplier”, the PO has the incorrect currency of USD, but the correct price list that has a currency of EUR.

Also, on the PO, the items pulled from the sales order do not have a rate, they are all zero. After changing the currency on the PO to EUR and saving, then adding additional items to the PO, those item’s rates are also zero.

I believe the supplier, items and price lists are setup correctly, because when I create a new PO (not a drop ship) for the same supplier and same items, the correct rate is pulled for those items.

I’m on versions:
ERPNext: v13.8.0 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.8.1 (version-13)