Wrong Date in Calendar View

Hello Dears

I have problem with Calendar View that view class date in the wrong place in the Calendar View
this is the Schedule date for the class

and this the Calendar View for the same class

what is wrong with calendar view ? Could any one help me in that. without that i can’t use Calendar View.

is this pattern reflected on every event on calendar or is it for this individual case ,thanks.

yes @bharat_Suthar
this issue happening just with Course Schedule

it work fine in Event Calendar

We have assigned shifts for:

  1. 07 Jan 2020
  2. 09 Jan 2020

When we look at Gantt Chart it shows correctly, But the calendar shows one day before i.e. 06 Jan 2020 and 08 Jan 2020, respectively.

Is it a bug or something I am not doing right???