Wrong email Id when someone is creating a login for portal

Use cloud version of Erpnext and have email setup since functionality became available…
Works fine for sending invoices etc…

I had many complaints that people cannot create an login for webshop…(worked fine in the past)
Tried my self with dummy email…Failed …

In error logs there are many lines like this…
31038ebee4 Email Not Sent Invalid Email ID Sender: “GMail Dogsloveit,info” <verkoop@dogsloveit.info**>, Recipients: xxx@itc.nl, xxx@dogsloveit.nl, xxx.kotterink@live.nl

Where xxx.korterink@live.nl tried to create a login

thnx in advance for assistance Robert Becht

Seems like it did not like the ** in your email id. Maybe just clean up the email-id and add it?

Cannot be the ** this was not original but inserted by me coincidentally
while pasting

Invalid Email ID Sender: “GMail Dogsloveit,info” verkoop@dogsloveit.info,
Recipients: dogsloveitest@mailinator.com

The sender name is strange…and somehow guess is the cause of error>>
“GMail DogsLoveit,info” …","before info…Gmail before

rgds robert