Wrong GL Entry for Delivery note for manufacturing items

When making a delivery note for a manufacturing item the GL entries are made with the incoming rate but if the Qty has more than one it multiplay the value

here is the qty is 3 and the incoming rate for it

and here is the gl entry which duplicates the value

Can you elaborate more? what do you mean by manufacturing items? The delivery note is used when you sell an item and then you deduct the sold amount from your warehouse.

I mean when delivered the manufactured items the delivery consider the cost of good sold is the incoming rate which is the real manufacture cost of this item but in this case its multiply the incoming rate by the qty of the items which is wrong

Incoming “rate” is the unit rate. So when you deliver 3 items, 3x the rate should be considered for GL entries.

This is correct behavior.

thanks for your response
income rate here is the manufacturing cost not the unit rate here as shown in the screenshot is 11.038
Here is the manufacturing stock entry for those 3 items

Seems like a bug Alaa. Maybe put in a Github issue on this?



I did here Wrong GL Entry for Delivery note for manufacturing items · Issue #29889 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub