Wrong Material Consumption in Stock entry for Manufacture

Dear Team,

Its been very serious issue that we have noticed.

Back-flush based on ( Material Transfer to manufacturing )

Considering work order Qty for 5000 and raw material consumption in scale of 1:1


Item Name Qty
RM001 1
RM002 1
RM003 1

We have transferred the all material based on BOM from Store to WIP that is material transfer for manufacturing

We have finish the Work Order for 500 Qty ( First finished Entry )

Stock entry ( Manufacture ) is getting correct.

Item Name Qty
RM001 500
RM002 500
RM003 500

But if we finish the remaining 4500 ( Second Finish Entry )

Item Name Qty
RM001 5000
RM002 5000
RM003 5000

Instead of RM 4500 Consumption is calculating 5000.

Issue has been raised

Hi Anyone is facing the same issue, ?

I have the exact same issue. When inputing balance production quantity by clicking “Finish” in WO, the RM used qty is actually multiple of Total Finished goods Qty of WO and not Balance production.
Really Need help with this as I’m trying to implement this in my company.