Wrong qty in delivery note - Using different UOM then a stock UOM


I have an item handled in stock in Unit, and in sales in Box. 1 Box = 4 Units.
When I create a sales order then I reserve it, after that I create the delivery note for the order, the quantity which appear is wrong, the system multiply the quantity in order by the UOM conversion, so instead to make 1 box is showing 16 box (1 * 4 * 4), if the customer orders 6 boxes, in the delivery note it makes 96 (6 * 4 * 4).

But if I don’t reserve a stock the quantities are correct.

Did you have the UOM set differently for purchases and sales? If you purchase in one and sell in the other, this is really important. Whatever UOM you set in Sales Details - Default Sales Unit of Measure will be the one that shows up in your Quotations, Sales Orders, and Invoices.

Edit: I see you probably have, because without the reservation the quantities are correct.

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Yes, the Sales UOM and Purchase UOM are different. The sales UOM is shown in all Sales documents, but the calculation wrong when I want to create a delivery note for a reserved order