Wrong qty in STE for manufacturing

found bug in stock entry for manufacturing. If I want to build 450 pcs from work order(work order is for 600 pcs), in STE required qty is for total quantity(not selected).
So, for item 3220-001 requires 105 pcs of item 1000-004. 105 pcs times 450 pcs is 47250 pcs, while system puts 63000 pcs.
63000 pcs are required for 600 pcs of 3220-001 item(105*600).


Hi, your observations are correct. The field ‘For Quantity’ has no impact on the Items. Will definitely look into this and fix it.
Anyhow, you can create a Pick List from your Work Order. where it asks you how much you want to manufacture now and makes Pick List of raw Materials according your Finish Good qty. You can then create a Stock Entry from this Pick List in a button click.

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I’ll try your solution when I fix this