Wrong Selling price

I’ve bought a product with 223 but why this product is sold 4.83. please see the given picture below.

please help me why this is shown.

How about the other pricing? Are they correct?

The possibilities of price change, among others, are:

  • change in number of stock (stock received, stock movement).
  • change in itemize price when creating SO (manual input in the child table of items).
  • also if I’m not mistaken, change in stock valuation method.

So may be you should track your stock transactions.

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ERPNext doesn’t fill the prices by itself unless the same item transaction has been made earlier, even though it will just fill the rate(s) for you and allow you to change it before submitting the document, the best practice is to review rates and other important parameters before submitting.

Check this in Selling settings

Allow user to edit Price List Rate in transactions

Or this in Stock Settings
Auto insert Price List rate if missing