Wrong translation in PDF sales invoice Mail

After updateing to ERPNext Version 10 the translation for the PDFs sales invoice that is sent via E-Mail defaults to english.

The first image part is how the sales invoice looks like when it is attached to the E-Mail. The second part is how it should look like and how it is rendered in the print preview in the sales invoice area.

The Print Format i am using was created by using the Print Format Builder.

This happens on my updated VM as well as the erpnext.com instance that I am using.

  • ERPNext: 10.0.7
  • Frappe Framework: 10.0.8
  • Language German

This error did not occur before I updated the VM from V9 to V10.

Seems like an issue has already been created for this:

Thanks in advance for helping me with this issue.

OK - just updated to Version 10.0.8.

Translation is correct :wink:

Seems like its solved with this fix: