Wrong warehouse location for picking

Hi everyone,
I have a major problem with our pickings.
We have thousands of locations and thousands of references and cannot show location for picking.

We work as below:

  1. Receive inventory:
    We receive items from production or suppliers with the ‘‘Stock Entry - material receipt’’.
    As we do not know where the items will be stored at this stage we created a default Target Warehouse ‘‘Receive Area’’.
    We use this s default Target Warehouse for all our products. So all products are automatically received is this warehouse.

  2. Put inventory at location:
    We check available space in the warehouse and assign the items to the free location.
    We use the ‘‘Stock Entry - material transfer’’.
    So each item has an individual location.
    We cannot use default warehouse on the items because we have too many turnover on products (qty stocked is according to orders, sometimes we use multiple location if one shelf is full and so on…)

  3. Picking for order.
    Problems start.
    The picking shows the default Warehouse, or warehouse selected on sale order.
    The issue with default warehouse is that the item are not at this location.
    The issue with the warehouse selected on sale order is that is impossible for our sale team to know where the items are with thousands of location in a warehouse.

Is there any option to select a parent warehouse for picking? So the picking list will show every location where the items are in this parent warehouse?

Or any work around?

I’m okay to change our process as well with an alternative productive solution.

Please, can you share your process for the picking.


@Sam-KhmerCeramics Check if this is useful for you.