Wrongly Created Fiscal Year in ERPNext

Hi Everyone,
I have just noticed that Fiscal Year in ERPNext was created wrongly.
It is created for the period of 01-Jan-2016 to 31-Dec-2016 and similarly the past years entries like this.

I know it is hard to do, but is there any way to get it corrected or is there any work-around for the same?

Edit: It should be from 01-Apr-2015 to 31-Mar-2016

Ruchin Sharma

As you have already posted entries for the January and February month, it will not be easy one for you. First, you have to create correct FY entries and then have to update all the transactions based on date via query / patch.

Hi @nabinhait

Can we do like this, create a new financial year for the period of 1-Apr-2015 to 31-Mar-2016 and activate it
and leave the previous transactions as it is. When we need the previous transaction in the correct year we can try to fix them too.

Ruchin Sharma

yeah, you can always do that. But still you should fix existing records as well, otherwise, you will not get correct data in the reports.