WSDL SOAP API Integration


Is there any way to verify PAN number in erpnext.

Efiling ( Indian Government ) provide web services for verify of PAN number .But they provide WSDL SOAP API. so is it possible to integrate SOAP API into ERPNext employee doctype and if it is then please provide us sample demo code so we can make pan no verfication code and it becomes useful to others.

Harsh Mehta

Check this: What SOAP client libraries exist for Python, and where is the documentation for them? - Stack Overflow

Hi rmehta,

We have gone through the above link and also below mentioned.

Please guide us on the integration of SOAP with ERP Next to retrieve the following information by using PAN number .

Harsh Mehta

@Harsh_Mehta What did you try?

@rmehta i haven’t try SOAP integration in ERP Next that’s why i asked query about SOAP Integration.

Harsh Mehta

@Harsh_Mehta we can help you if you are stuck. Otherwise add it to GitHub, we will take it up when we have time.