Xero integration

Is there an integration with xero? I know this seems pointless as there is an accountancy module but it’s one people ask as most are reluctant to switch accounting software and with MTD becoming legal here ERPNext is not yet compliant

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There isn’t one today. We helped with the QBO integration and it still needs some work. We would help/support a Xero integration in the future, but there are several other projects that are more urgent to us right now.

You can use bridging software… I found the following on Google… Have not used any though…

Clearbooks MTD Bridging Software

Currently, I am using a desktop MTD software. The plan is to migrate all historical data to erpnext and then run a report to extract the data required for the bridging software (TB??) and check I get to same results. Once I am happy over a couple of returns, I will ditch the desktop and only use Erpnext with bridging software.

Copy/pasting a bit of data and running through a bridging software is such a small price to pay for a superb ERP system.


I recently wrote a REST API importer compatible with Xero, not an integration though. MTD for VAT is on the way.

What’s the status with this?