Yahoo Mail Setup


Trying to add a Yahoo email account or domain and getting errors:

Error connecting SMTP “”: [SSL: WRONG_VERSION_NUMBER] wrong version number (_ssl.c:1131)

In a bench console:

Out[7]: ‘OpenSSL 1.1.1f 31 Mar 2020’

In [8]: ssl.HAS_TLSv1_2
Out[8]: True

In [9]: ssl.HAS_TLSv1_3
Out[9]: True

This happens on both v13 and 14 , telnet connects ok.

If anyone has a working yahoo mail account and can offer advice, thanks.

in my case i created an email domain ‘

Thanks @jycob, clearing the TLS checkbox allowed the domain to be added.

Interestingly though, adding an account with that domain results in:

Invalid Outgoing Mail Server or Port

Even when adding the account and entering the same domain settings explicitly.

This is a second account for a user, the first being another email service. I’m not sure that should matter.

The e-mail thing is pretty broken, see this issue : Emails have no body message throught IMAP protocol · Issue #10671 · frappe/frappe · GitHub.

From an e-mail server dev, the code is not really clean on Frappe’ side.


Hope your problem is solved.
The specified settings worked for me as well. I received the error of “Invalid server” which you mentioned when I was using TLS. I changed the setting of email account as well to use this email as outgoing email.

Went to add the Yahoo domain again and was successful. Same error message with the SMPT port set to 587, it saved successfully when changed to 465. Will deal with adding a second sending email address in a different post, if necessary.