Yearly Payment - Apportionment

Please explain me how to handle below scenario.

I am paying Insurance Amount for the year beginning but this amount should be apportioned to every month and it should affect in monthly P&L also. For Example: I paid 12000 INR against vehicle insurance, so every month P&L, 1000 INR should be affected, Other month which i paid will have more expense values.


hi could anyone reply… i appreciate … thanks

@pajahir there is no way to do this automatically, You will have to create separate Journal Entries as of now.

Use Dublicate, set date, safe,submitt,duplicate etc

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@rmehta a work around for such a feature could be done through REPEATING Journal Entries. This would be a great feature similar to the SO and PO and I guess it could resolve the issue for @pajahir.

Another thing would be that the options in current repeating are not as good since we cannot setup quarterly repeating things.

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Thanks to all. Let me try