Yearly Subscription creates a new sales invoice every hour


after some years with a quite old community version of Odoo I’m currently checking the migration to ERPNext and I’m playing on a test installation.

All looks well so far except a serious issue with subscriptions.

I’ve created a subscription on my test server which should be billed yearly:

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[Screenshot 2 missing]

[Screenshot 3 missing]

I would expect that, once the subscription is active, an Invoice will be created and submitted for the first year - and then this will be repeated every year.

In reality ERPNext creates a new sales invoice with a new invoice number once per hour (I guess this is the interval when it checks subscriptions).

Also, every time when I select “Fetch Subscription Updates” a new invoice is created immediately:

[Screenshot 4 missing]

That means, if I hit “Fetch Subscription Updates” five times, I’ll find five new sales invoices afterwards.

Due to some reason ERPNext does not pause the already invoiced subscription for the configured year before issuing a new invoice.

After 2 hours of reading and testing I need to ask for help to solve this. Do I overlook something, or did I find a massive bug?

Thanks for your ideas!

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:

Screenshot 4:

It’s related to “Generate Invoice At Beginning Of Period” and looks like a clear issue to me. I’ve raised a Github Issue regarding it.

di you find solution her am having same issue