You are not allowed to send emails related to this document

Hi, I have recieve an email on the communication email account and when I click on new email to reply to it I got this error
You are not allowed to send emails related to this document

Hi @synertic,
Please check the Role & Permission
Check this Link
And this link also helpful for You

I’m administrator. I supose to have this permission by default

LVC don’t have default email permission allowed
you just have to tick email in role permission manager for stock manager and then u can send the email

These links are not valid anymore. We have the same issue, just making a normal email, with Administrator rights.

I was playing a bit more and realised that it was using for sending an account that the administrator was not having as Email Inbox settings. When I added that it started working and also for some reason got working the Outgoing email for the first time. No idea why. Need to try to replicate the issue and the solution that would know what actually solved it.

I am sorry I am having this issue - can you do this sentence again, I cant make sense of it - thank you

So, the system is trying to use one account as sending the email. Check which one.
Then you’re logged in as an administrator, go to your user settings and check that you have selected that email inbox as the inbox allowed to be accessed by that user. Let us know if this helps.

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ok thank you - got it sorted - it needed the default email added to send from

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