"you can not change the value of Valuation Method" when importing from csv

I’m trying to mass-update existing items so I did export (“Download with data”) for doctype “Item”. I selected all columns for export.

Then I changed some data in excel but I am NOT trying to change the value of Valuation Method.

When I upload the edited csv i get the error described in the topic. It doesn’t matter if the valuation_method column is present or if I delete it from csv, I always get the same error. Where could I look for some fault?



In the template, only keep Column A, Name column (b) and columns in which value has been changed. Delete all other columns, and then try to import data.

Thanks. But I’ve found the solution which is different - I’m not sure why
some products had valuation_rate column in database defined as (NULL) and
others as empty string “” which obviously differ so I had to manually
change all items valuation_rate to null instead of empty string in
database. Probably has to do something with how the item has been added -
via GUI or via CSV.