You can’t set ‘Options’ for field Status ERPNext

when i want to add the extra status in erpnext customization The error message is shown “You can’t set ‘Options’ for field Status ERPNext” why???
Anyt Solutions???/

Check it.

Maybe, it will help you.

I enable the developer mode in my erpnext.But the error message will always come

But doctype save or not.

I use Customize form

I added extra status in Customize Doctype .But it will not reflet in the Form view documents.

you can’t set status in customize-form.
So you can add status via doctype but use carefully.

first I inserted a backup db in develeper site and i want to add extra status. And i added it in to the Doctype.But the status does not apper in form view.Why???

bench migrate


bench clear-cache

then check.

No …There is no change in that document…
plz help me how to add extra options in erpnext

Please check this.
It works on my side.


This is my Doctype option field and i added some extra options in their

But in customize form It will not be reflected to it why???

Have you found the solution?