Unable to customize the form "Material Request"


I’m trying to edit a column “Purpose” in the Doctype “Material Request” but I’m getting a warning message - “You can’t set ‘Options’ for field Purpose”

I have all the admin rights. Do I need to update any other setting in erpnext?


Hi @deepak19,

Admin rights do not efficiently right to access your doctype.
That for please enable developer mode if you manually install erpnext.

Enable Developer Mode for: How to Enable Developer Mode in Frappe

Thank You!

I think you should explore the use of “Property Setter”.

Use carefully though

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Hello Nihantra,

Thank you for the response. My version of erpnext is running on frappe cloud. The steps mentioned in the link that you shared cannot be run on frappe cloud.

Right @deepak19,

Developer mode did not work on the frappe cloud.

So you can go with @olamide_shodunke Answer.


Thanks Nihatra. I tried @olamide_shodunke answer also but it still shows the same warning. I guess it’s not possible without the developer mode.