"You have unseen error logs" - What is this message and how do I see the logs?

Running erpnext v13.3.1 and getting periodic messages popping up in the lower right corner of the screen that say I have unseen error logs. I try clicking on the message before it disappears (it only stays visible for about 5 seconds) but nothing happens.

How do I “see” these presumed “unseen” error logs?

Additionally, can I control who sees these messages? I cannot have my clients freaking out over error log messages.



You should be able to configure this via Log Settings. And, not to worry, the alert should only be for System Mangers;)

Unfortunately, that is exactly the worry. System Manager Users area the owners of the small businesses we put on ERPNext systems. They tend to be the ones that freak out the fastest and jump to incorrect conclusions simply based on an alert message like this.

Is there a way to turn this message OFF or at least restrict it to Administrator?

Or maybe even restrict it to only certain users that have the knowledge to investigate the errors.

Otherwise this is going to cause mass hysteria at some of my facilities.

It was similar messaging that alerted users to the latest version updates that actually stopped some of my production servers because the users were completely afraid to do ANYTHING until the versions was updated for fear that they might break something or create a bigger mess.

I had to use a code edit to completely stop those messages to get user panic under control.

Do I have to find a similar fix again?


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You need to click on the “error” word, only that is the link but it’s not marked in any way.

If you have woocommerceconnector installed, check this, from line 456: WooCommerceConnector/sync_products.py at master · libracore/WooCommerceConnector · GitHub

True, the ERROR word is a link, but clicking on it does nothing and takes you nowhere. It is apparently a dead link.

Any other ideas?


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yes, facing the same issue here. ExcatExcatly the same.

We all still have this problem.

No fix. Nobody seems to care.

BKM :roll_eyes:

Hi @bkm

how you tried searching for “Error Log list” in the awesome bar ??

The only role assigned to the error log doctype is the System Manager. Maybe you could change that via Role Permission manager

Yes, that is exactly how I was able to find the error log list, but that is not the major problem I have with this issue.

More important is how I can limit the message to Administrator only. All of the business owners that I support have the “System Manager” role and they are the ones that are most annoyed by the pop-up message and are constantly bugging me about getting it to stop.

I have eliminated all of the the regular employees that had the System Manager role and reduced their role permissions. However, I cannot do that to the business owners. They still need that role in order to create new employees and set other permissions for them.


maybe u create a new role and you assign it to your self alone then grant that role permission to the logs and remove the system manager

To clear this errors go to below link, change your.cloud to your erpnext server link or ip address.


this is current and temp solution. ill post if i find a popup block or any other solutions