Your Thoughts On Developing ERPnext Mobile apps that Automatically Sync

I have thought over this again and again, Can it be possible to develop an ERPnext app based on frappe to sync automatically with the online system.
To be more specific, A person should have the ability to post offline, then the app holds info for a while and when internet is detected it posts it online just like whasapp and facebook.
My interest is when projects are being worked on in no internet signal areas information should continously be put in the app.

What are your thoughts.
If possible then what is needed.

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Basically ERPNext works on a mobile browser. This is very valuable and no way common with ERPs today.

A mobile app can offer this:

  1. Push notifications
  2. Automatic login
  3. Offline availability of info
  4. Sync of offline changes with online master and merge conflict resolution

The first two are very helpful and should not be too difficult to get. 3 and 4 is a very high effort for diminishing returns. It would be awesome to have it. But I am doubtful if this can be done in a stable, reliable way by anyone. #veryexpensive

I seem to recall that @JayRam has indicated that his company, Epoch Consulting, has developed an Android app, but I may not have all my facts right. @bkm (search for it on the forum) has some field-tested thoughts about Android vs iOS in deployment he did; this lines up with Martin’s analysis.

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Can we use the Push notifications and Automatic login alone, at the moment alone. Sounds great.

Let me search about them in the forums.

The current iOS version of ERPNext does support automatic login. There is also an Android version. I am unsure of push notifications though.

But I am sure, that @rmehta knows.

It’s complex. We do have an app, but it doesn’t do offline. The rules of engagement of offline is very complex. I think it is more practical to pursue this:

Maybe it is time to revive this project.



Hi @Mukane_Onesimas

You can develop native application or you can make change in existing app so store data locally in json format when device is offline, when device will be online then you can make call in background or you can provide button within app to make sync with online system.

Recently we developed app with similar kind of functionalities. In our case, we developed custom api to sync with device.

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