Zapier Integration should be Priority

Hello all, been a while.

I was just checking up on Zapier now and realised we still do not have an ERPNext Zapier integration.

I did a random check and found that most of ERPNext’s competing products have multiple Zaps already registered. Even Odoo has three different zaps for different purposes.

While I know that ERPNext is an open source application and features can be and are sometimes community driven, some areas require the ERPNext/Frappe team to take lead.

Zapier integration should be one of this.

Not having ERPNext on Zapier is not good for the image of the brand, I hope the ERPNext team agrees with me on this.

Odoo has three!!



While it is true that Odoo has some zaps already, it is also true that Odoo is not in the process of altering its overall structure. ERPNext is really altering its core structure beginning with v14. This process is not quite done yet. It would be difficult to create a supportable set of zaps for the user base when the core is not really settled yet.

While I agree it wod be really nice to ha e some zaps in place, I would not want to impact the core design process just to support them.

During these times of slowing business worldwide, it is still a good idea to focus on having the architecture in place and relatively solid before we try to create universal zaps.

Just my opinion…

BKM :grin:

I think you should check n8n instead:

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@olamide_shodunke Check this for your reference:

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@olamide_shodunke @Mohammed_Redha @Monolithon @bkm, here is a link Login | Zapier that you can use to get the zapier and ERPNnext connected. We have most of our customers using it but are still changing a few things. I will have someone from my team get it uploaded to GitHub. Login | Zapier

Also, N8N works well too, and we use both N8N and Zapier extensively.

Tried using the zapier invite, error for auth

{“description”:“Invalid client_id parameter value.”,“status_code”:400,“error”:“invalid_request”}

also with n8n the doctype list of documents never drops down.

You can use N8N and and its free. Zapier can cost alot of money.
Better would be