Zapier integration with ERPNext

The actual end application I want to hook to is Zoho CRM – which has webhooks … so developing webhooks would completely solve my issue (I mostly want to keep customer’s synced and send in sales orders)

Added to v5.0 milestone, Webhooks · Issue #935 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

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I think this should be revisited. Zapier connects to many different popular apps, this would solve alot of integration requests at once. The savings to future requests could make it worth it. Also, there’s a few items in ERPNext that might be better served using integration than trying to maintain seperate ERPNext only versions of. A few of the apps I have seen:

-Trello (kanban system)
-Slack (communications)
-Google Docs (file storage)
-Blogger (blog management)

There are hundreds of apps on here. Granted, I don’t know much about it, I’ve only just discovered Zapier today. But, if Zapier could be used for Blogging, Messaging, File Management, and KanBan, it might be useful to streamline development within ERPNext. Thoughts?

(I’m not suggesting we should do this, I don’t know enough about Zapier. I’m suggesting that this should be looked into.)


Also, Mandrill, Sendgrid, & GMail, for Email integration.


I think a Mandrill connector exists but is being abandoned, due to some change on their side. Sendgrid connector is being developed as replacements as we speak.

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at present I only have stakes in Kanban … I think it’s really needed and should be integrated into the core project management system (including scrum tools should be added on a second step [not being mandatory to use those though]).

Generally I don’t really have technical knowledge about how an integration practically works but I think the point about an ERP system is to have everything in one system. And as a project management exists, a kanban view belongs inside of that (in my view)

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Zapier opens up a world of integration opportunities - is there any movement on this? Would love to see it happen!


I’m currently testing SugarCRM and ERPNext. I’ve been leaning toward ERPNext, but I just discovered it doesn’t have Zapier integration. SugarCRM has Zapier integration. It just pulled into first.

Any word on future integration, because ERPNext otherwise looks perfect for my needs!

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Really depends on how many users want the feature. Would you be willing to be a sponsor / beta-tester?


No, I’m not in a position to do that at the moment. Maybe in the future, sometime in 2017. Right now I’m busy getting a company off the ground, and I only have time for research and implementation.

This thread is full of people who want the feature. I’m sure someone will be willing to sponsor and test for you!

Like me!

I have a definite need to connect this somehow to a few other apps like Toggl/Timecamp, Asana and Wunderlist.

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Hi @rmehta
What would be an approximate quote to either build an open source Zapier or Dsync connector? I feel this will open up ERPNext to a lot of possibilities.

I think that zapier would be a better integration first.

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I could second that motion. Zapier comes first. :slight_smile:

This will be simply amazing if it happens

Well i thing that we are going to need to make a bounty for the feature and also make a feature request on github if there is not one already

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Lets do it.

A GitHub Issue would be a good place to start. And maybe add a few :+1: :slight_smile:

Created a Git issue. I wonder how we can bring this home. Thanks