Zatca Phase 2 implementation

Hello community . I have successfully integrated erpnext with zatca phase 2 . my solution is able to generate csr , get ccsid and pcsid . generate xml and sign them for simple invoices and of course report or clear invoices to zatca.

If anyone needs the solutions please DM me . thank you .


Congrulations :tada: :tada: :tada:

  • First of all what is Zatca?
  • Second in which region of users should care?


Congratulations @bahaou

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@TurkerTunali Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) announced that all tax payers should integrate their digital solutions with their fatoora portal which is a really big step. So the answer for your question is everyone in Saudi Arabia.
PS: frappe already integrated phase 1 in their system few years ago but it seems to be a littlbe bit harder to integrate phase 2 since it’s a lot more complicated .
Thank you


Dear i really appreciate your work and contribution. can you see my message and reply me. Thanks